The most common sizes for small exhibits are 10x20 and 10x10. They are compact and easy to set up and tear down. Small exhibits are one of the best ways out there to sell your business. They are great at providing exposure for your business and for giving you a leg up on the competition. Millions of people frequent trade shows throughout the year and they are all great opportunities for your company.

Small Exhibits

Vertical Markets:

  • Gemstones or Jewelry
  • Government
  • Real estate
  • Technology
  • Healthcare/ Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Food and beverage
  • Insurance
  • Technology

Examples of Small exhibit Utility:

Highly technical fields
Companies that are in niche markets
Space constraints from the exhibit venue
Create psychological intimacy
Companies that are just getting into exhibition marketing
Companies that might be A/B testing exhibit strategy
Lower cost than Large or Medium Exhibits
Depending on your product, smaller exhibits might give your sales people an advantage