Shimano Inc. is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of Bicycle components, Fishing tackle components, and has previously manufactured other sporting products. Shimano Bike (~$680 million dollars in the United States) makes up 75% of total Shimano revenue in the United States. Shimano Bike produces Cranks, Gears, Shifting components, Brakes, and various other Components for Bicycles in the US.

The project Specifics

The Project

Shimano Bikes was a referral from Shimano fishing so it was actually a straightforward process: Since they were already aware of our quality of work, and how easy CDI is to work with, their primarily concern was maximizing value out of their budget. They wanted to see how meticulous CDI could be and how creative we are under constraints. Fortunately that’s where we shine.

The Solution

We started by rehabilitating their original exhibit. We were able to make incremental improvements and to use existing components in a new way after some modification. Our extensive engineering experience proved to be super useful for these modifications in particular. We added features to the new exhibit such as custom metal fabrication and custom lighting effects for generating more attention. All in all a big overhaul that didn’t start off that big

The Results

Fresh new look propelled them to being even more dominant for trade show marketing in their industry. CDI’s ability to work within their budget allowed them to reinvest into their marketing budget, which allowed for better exposure of their product lines. They have happily been with us ever since.

The Finished Project