The aim of the CDI rental program is to provide alternate solutions for customers that want to exhibit but don’t have the time, resources, or means to purchase a custom exhibit for their company. It is a great solution for all of the in-between scenarios that popup in life and can provide a tremendous value for the customer.

Common Situations

  • Needing an exhibit that’s larger than your current exhibit
  • Needing an exhibit that’s smaller than your current exhibit
  • Not ready to invest in owning an exhibit at the moment
  • Wanting to test how your company does in the event/exhibit sphere before you move on a purchase
  • Looking to save time on development
  • Need something FAST! because an opportunity or need has arisen
  • Just don’t want to store the thing or manage your ownership

How does it work?

We actually go through the same process as if it were custom. The only difference is that we will be using components that we have in our component library. At the end of the day, the work is still extremely custom and still tailored to your business.

How does it start?

The first step is to always get in contact with CDI. Our Website is a great resource for information, but we love helping customers or potential customers. Providing you with the best and most useful information is something that we are really good at. We have a ton of experience and you should take advantage of it!

Frequently Asked Questions about Rental

Q: What do you have?
A: Though it may seem strange, everything is still extremely customized to each individual client. We don’t have a menu of booths or something of the sort- come prepared as though you were buying a custom exhibit.  We’ll add in pieces where we have them and build the rest

Q: Do you have enough components to make something for us?
A: It’s like a reverse field of dreams at CDI=> if you come, we can build it.

Q: How much more is it to buy versus rent?
A: Cost incurred are roughly 35 to 40% more. There are however differences in tax code that are worth mentioning. Rental can be expensed versus having to depreciate the costs if you own.