The process for Rehabilitation

1. Contact us to set up a viewing.
2. We will receive the booth and set it up to its specifications in our facility.
3. We will then go through a viewing with you and discuss what type of changes are required/ pertinent and/or what damages need to be repaired.

“We are always looking at the possibility of modifying existing components or integrating new components to create a newer, fresher look.”

4. Get a custom quote. CDI Exhibits will provide you with an exact quote for the requirements of your exhibit upgrade or rehabilitation.

“Damages and Repairs can range from a color change to a complete re-brand.”

Although being able to see an exhibit set up to original specification is preferable, we are also fully capable of utilizing renderings, pictures and or design files of an existing booth to create modifications and upgrades.

When Upgrading/Rehabilitation makes sense:

Your Exhibit is an investment; and there are many reasons why you should protect your investment by working with what you have already paid for. Many companies utilize their exhibits 200+ days a year and it is an intricate part of their revenue generation model. The wear and tear on those exhibits can be extensive. This doesn’t mean that you should (or have to) buy a new exhibit every year. Clearly the best option is to rehabilitate the existing exhibit. CDI offers rehabilitation services for all exhibits, not only our own work.