Other Services

Custom LED displays

LED (or Light Emitting Diodes) are a major advancement in lighting effects that can be used for displays and exhibits. They have huge advantages over previous generation lighting (either neon, incandescent, or florescent) in efficiency, size, temperature and durability.


Custom LED work is a common exhibit feature/building material and is frequently used in conjunction with other materials to create stand alone pieces that are amazing at garnering attention. In particular, LED and Acrylic combinations have become super popular and are an outstanding way to create a buzz or grab peoples’ interest.


Carefully storing your exhibit is an important task between shows. Components can easily be damaged during storage and that damage can be quite costly. CDI provides storage facilities for many of our customer’s exhibits and also have many customers that only do storage with us. Our facility has the capability of storing and categorizing as many as 1,000 exhibits (depending on the size). We are centrally located to all major conference centers in California and Nevada.



Our Facilities are also located close to the Port of Los Angeles shipping yard in Long Beach, should you need to ship your exhibit internationally.

Why should you use CDI to store your exhibit?

  • Save money in shipping costs
  • Save time with shipping or maintenance of your exhibit when/if required
  • Keep your exhibit safer than if you stored it yourself


Custom storage containers

Custom Storage Containers are wood constructed cases designed specifically to fit each individual component of your exhibit. The internal jacking keeps the parts in place, is felt lined and organized to maximize the safety of the contents and assure they arrive undamaged. Each case has a content inventory and a photo to reference proper packing.



Custom signage

Signs are an integral part of any exhibit. They are equally important to displays and retail companies for exposing their company and drawing the attention of potential customers. Needless to say, most companies need signs. Custom Signage created by CDI can create the “look” and achieve the impact that your company needs to make an impression on your future customers.



Custom cabinetry

Custom Cabinetry is a feature that has both form and function during a show. It can add a whole other level of depth and sophistication to an exhibit that might not have been there before. Custom Cabinetry is also extremely useful for storing items that you may be using during the show and utilizes the multipurpose aspects of a design that are not often something one thinks about when considering a design.


In-house large scale printing + computer cut vinyl (CCV) printing and application

You can have the best exhibit structure in the world, but graphics are what really bring it to life.  We have a full service graphics department at CDI, including printing and applying large scale graphics and CCV (computer cut vinyl).   This allows us to shorten lead times and control quality by eliminating the need to outsource graphic production.  Saving time equals saving money for our customers.



If you can dream it…

Over the years we’ve taken on some amazing projects that would be considered “coloring outside of the lines” for other exhibit companies. We’ve built offices, race cars, retail displays, cabinets, and lots of other things that “trade show” companies don’t.  At CDI, if you have an idea… we can help you make it happen. So don’t be afraid to bring us the “Crazy,” “Wild” or “Off the Wall,”