Farmer Brothers

Farmer Brothers Coffee is a provider of gourmet restaurant coffee service and products. They service a variety of customers in the foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, gaming and retail industries. They provide coffee, equipment, Inventory management, restocking, Marketing support, and Training to small to medium sized businesses… all through a localized distribution channel.

The project Specifics

The Project

At the time that we began discussions Farmer Brothers had a Pre manufactured booth. They were really looking for a set up that would tell their story and sell the company.

The Solution

We Built complimentary components on top of what was existing. We developed two 10’ storage towers that housed graphics and displayed messages. We nick-named the towers the twin towers. The reuse was creative, not as it was originally intended, but it ended up being a a fantastic build.

The Results

Since Farmer Brothers joined CDI as a partner they've had some amazing brand experiences and have great results in separating themselves from industry competitors. The current booth is an interactive booth. They serve coffee in their booth. created an environment creating an experience its like walking into a coffee shop… social interaction get to feel the brand.

The Finished Project