It all starts with an idea...

Every great project we’ve ever built started with an idea.

Great companies are founded on great ideas. Great projects are the same way. How do we connect with our customers? How do we get our brand out there? How do we blow some minds and make sure that people remember us? Big questions foster ideas. Our job is to make your ideas crystal clear, help you develop them, then get them out there to the world.

The Big Picture

Your company has things you want to get done. We know it. The form and function of an exhibit only matters as far as how it compliments the big picture. At CDI we don’t just build cool stuff- we build cool stuff that is useful to your company. Custom Tailored for your taste, your show, and your company. Made to impress your customers and move your company forward.

Hashing out the details...

The devil is in the details. We work hard to figure out exactly how to put things together. Some of this process is communication and some of this process is intuitive. Not going to lie… Experience matters a lot in knowing how to construct a large project. 30+ years of building large pieces of corporate identity has taught us a lot.

Creating a Concept

Putting together all of the pieces is the last phase of our design process. Once the requirements have been firmly established, we put our work boots on to create a concept that brings together the big picture with your idea. The process is iterative and has many factors, but the most important thing is that the end result is something that does what it is supposed to do and will have an impact on your team… the saying goes: “we leave it all on the field."

Know What You'll be Getting

No Surprises. We make it easy to know what to expect. We take the time to quote jobs clearly and to diagram carefully what you will be getting. You will know precisely how long a job will take, how much it will cost and the quality of work that will be provided (the highest quality in the industry).

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