D’Addario is a national musical Instrument manufacturer based out of Farmingdale New York. Their primary product line is Electric Guitar Strings and is currently one of the largest string manufacturers in the world. In addition to Guitar strings produced under the D’Addario brand they also produce numerous musical accessories under various other brands such as Planet WavesEvans Drumheads, Promark Drumsticks, Puresound and HQ Percussion, and Rico Reeds.

The project Specifics

The Project

When D’addario came to us the company had an existing exhibit that was dated. The music industry is extremely competitive and their existing exhibit wasn’t getting the company the attention they wanted. This posed possible implications to their brand image, and their position in the marketplace... They needed a new look. One that would Bring their image and brand to the forefront. They wanted to make a statement and get noticed with their customer base…

The Solution

Since D’Addario had already put a significant investment in their previous exhibit, CDI started by using their existing components. We focused on improving traffic flow by creating a two story walk through. This alone opened it up and made it a considerably more open. It also gave them the ability to display their full product line, which had been previously been obscured. The addition of conference rooms also gave more utility to the space and graphical elements were introduced such as color graphics which highlighted core product lines.

The Results

The results for D’Addario were impressive.
D’addario noticed a significant improvement of traffic flow at the Winter Namm and big increases in their brands exposure. D’Addario was so impressed by our work and the results that each subsequent year since 2007 CDI has further expanded the exhibit.

The Finished Project