Vapor Lounge

We’re very excited that the Vapor Lounge again exhibited at ECC in Pomona. Information about the event can be found here:

The Vapor lounge is considered the #1 source in the inland empire for vaping and vaping supplies. The first location was established in 2012, and is notable for having California’s largest selection of personal vaporizers, e-liquids, and accessories. There selection is in excess of 100 different juice brands (what goes into the vaporizer)… really cool company.
Contact Information to find out more about the Vapor Lounge
8188 Rochester Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(909) 945-1898


The Vapor lounge is a really enjoyable project for CDI. The exhibition is a new one for us (we’re in year number 2) but the results have been spectacular so far. Here’s a couple of notes about the booth:

Event: ECC (NEW)
Type: Rental
Size: 40×40
Features: Rotating Signage with LED edging, Centralized storage, Reinforced counter-tops for standing on.

There were a couple of things that we were really proud of with this exhibit. First, its a spectacular example of what we can do for a rental customer. There are billions of reasons to do rental that are all very much valid. Vapor lounge in particular found this to be true… Was the Vaping expo even going to happen again? Will it be in the same format? Will it still be in California? … and many more questions that could come to mind. That’s why doing a rental made a lot of sense for them.

Just like any other client we went above and beyond to deliver a solid CUSTOM rental experience. We took this show as an opportunity as well because we are hoping that next year it will be considerably bigger and that some of the exhibitors might need a larger booth or better exposure

Here are a couple of photos that show some of the detail work we put into the Vapor lounge exhibit:
Great example of edge work. This quality of edge work is very important to the safety of the people working the exhibit. Without these types of details, people can get cuts when they are working the exhibit.


Another example of detail work is the center storage area door. This exhibit has lot of storage, and is very easy to move about because of the rounded storage area in the middle of the exhibit. The only difficult aspect of a rounded storage area is that the doors need to be custom built and fitted.


As you can tell from the exhibit, Working with the Vapor Lounge was a blast!