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Jodi Franchere

The dreamer/The hustler CDI Class of 1996

Jodi is the person behind each design for our client’s builds. She’s a careful listener and amazing at taking an idea and making it real. They say that the last 10% of a project is 90% of the difficulty. That last 10% is where Jodi shines. We originally found Jodi from an ad in the paper and 18 years later we are fortunate to still have her on our team. Her hustle, passion, and creativity is an inspiration to our whole team. When she isn’t creating awe-inspiring designs Jodi can be found boating, camping, building, painting, spending time with her family.

Favorite projects: Fabtechs 2nd level design has been a long time favorite of mine until recently when we enhanced the Farmer Bros. Coffee bar to represent an ice bar.

Jennifer Howell

Cat Herder Class of 2007

Jennifer is CDI’s Project Coordinator and Show Services Controller. She is a focused, operationally minded individual that thrives on coordinating complex projects and keeping all of the pieces together. All things related to show labor and shipping go through this gal. She came to CDI by means of Jodi, who knew that her 10+ years of logistics and management experience, would be a great fit. When she’s not coordinating the show she’s busy being a mom and hanging out at the river (Havasu).

Favorite Projects: Navien’s new booth, Pacific World and the Bio Oil 20×20

Mark Westerfield

Graphics Guru CDI Class of 1987

Mark works on the heavy technical side for CDI, focusing on output and installation of printed, computer cut vinyl and 3-D graphics …plus he plays foosball during breaks. He’s incredibly thorough in his work (including foosball) and always makes himself helpful to those around him. Mark is well traveled and has a tendency to jet set outside of our busy season, taking trips to Europe and Canada.

Favorite Projects: D’Addario, Korg, Shimano display signs, Sweet Life’s 3-D hat logo, Farmer Bros.’ Coffee bar and some small pop-up back walls like Bio-Oil and Paciolan.

Shane Westerfield

Purchaser CDI Class of 2004

Shane is CDI’s Purchaser and primary drag racer (not kidding). He’s fabulous in both roles and works with our partners both on and off the track to help build their businesses. Shane carefully manages purchases to be able to stay within budget and be able to maximize our possible resources by keeping our costs lower. He’s the major reason why our customers get way more for their money at CDI. Check out:

Ronnie Stevens

Diva/Metal Stuff Class of 1994

Ron-Dog is a bad-ass custom fabricator and master welder who’s talent is next to none in the industry. His hard work and dedication to the craft shows in every project he puts out- something CDI considers as a feather in our cap. Quoting him: he continues to show up at our offices because he “likes to create stuff and get paid.” Ronnie started with CDI way back in 1994 before cell phones were a thing and the internet was just a baby. When he isn’t making the backbone to our large exhibits, you’ll find him mountain biking, or playing with the dogs.

Pedro Lara

Sous Chef

Class of 2003 & 2009

Pedro is our Lead Builder/Carpenter and manages the building crew while working closely with Jodi, our designer, to determine the most effective way to build the components and bring her designs to life. He loves the challenge of elaborate designs and the pace this industry and work poses. Pedro originally worked at another exhibit house as temp help when a friend of his asked him to come to CDI for the busy season. We loved his work ethic and tenacity and never really let Pedro out of our sites even when he was working for some other exhibit companies. A few years later he found himself back at CDI and was re-hired as our lead builder. Pedro and his wife are the proud parents of 2 sons, Pedro and Adriane, who are both very involved in baseball and soccer.

Hugo Salermon

Spoonlift driver CDI class of 2009

Hugo keeps us sane by organizing our gigantic warehouse, and by making sure the deliveries get out on time. Hugo’s background was in carpentry (he’s a fabulous carpenter) and he loves the pace that we keep at CDI. He’s the kinda guy that can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs if you know what we mean. When he isn’t helping your exhibit get from point A to point B you’ll find him playing alto horn with his band on the weekend.

Katie Heaton

Numbers Magician CDI Class of 2007

When asked “How did this whole thing start?” Katie’s answer: “I got Straight A’s in math.” Katie grew up in Santa Ana and has been counting the beans at CDI since 2007. When she isn’t writing algorithms or solving complex equations, Katie enjoys sailing and cooking.

Marco Trejo

Graphics Jedi CDI Class of 2011

Marco is the champion of all things graphic at CDI. From car wraps to outdoor displays, he gets it done. Marco started out with us as a part time job after high school and has turned into an invaluable member of our team… not bad for a country boy. When Marco isn’t building beautiful graphics you can find him playing soccer, poker, dancing, hiking, or camping.

Favorite Projects: Funny car wraps, Korg wall graphics, Zodiac towers and light boxes.